It’s the place you go to when the days are short, the nights are dark, and it’s cold outside.

Memories of sunny days, shimmering sands, and the soft whispers of the sea are calming; and suddenly, winter’s chill is gone.

It’s the place you go to when it’s been a difficult day, when nothing has gone the way you wanted it to, when you just feel like quitting.

Memories of sunrises and sunsets remind you of tomorrow and the promise of a new day.

It’s the place you go to when you want to find your inner self and just be you, not your on-line profile or the person you have to be at work or school.

Memories of trying kiteboarding, surfing, fishing, boogie boarding or running along the beach that gave you such a liberating feeling, remind you of who you can be.

It’s where you go in your mind to get away from it all.

Memories of YOUR spot – the one on the dunes, the one on the beach, the one on the balcony or porch, the place you call your second home for a few days or a few weeks, the one that is different from any place you’ve ever been before or since, the place you know is your happy place.

It’s the place you think of when you feel alone.

Memories of good food, fun, friends and family, maybe finding love or celebrating a special occasion bring a smile to your face.

Cape Attitude is what you want it to be, where you want it to be. It’s like nowhere else for your heart and soul.